Top 5 Wellness Retreats

Top 5 Wellness Retreats

We’re now halfway through 2022, and it’s a perfect time to take a minute to reflect on the year up until now as well as think about how you want the second half to unfold. And what’s a better place to reconvene with oneself than a wellness retreat? A self-love retreat might just be the thing for you, and here are five of our favourites to get you started on your journey!

1. Sensei Wellbeing Retreat - Lanai, Hawaii  

This multidisciplinary retreat leverages the power of science, technology, sustainable nutrition, and play targeted at health and longevity. Choose from a handful of retreat programs, each precisely created with a honed intention, even extending into areas of expertise like tennis and golf. There are countless experiences to relax and let your inner child run wild if that’s what you’re in search of. Archery, clay shooting, zip lining, ocean courses, and spa days are several from the countless experiences offered on and off site. 

2. THE WELL at Hacienda Alta Gracia - San Jose, Costa Rica 

The Well, and Auberge Resorts have recently opened their doors to yet another health haven in the Talamanca Mountains of Southern Costa Rica. Dotted with 50 casitas, the property also boasts tree climbing and 28 horse stables for riding to pair with your reiki sessions and crystal baths. Spa mainstays (facials, massages, lap pool) are available, all with a nod to the surrounding enclave: a local herbal body exfoliation, Costa Rican clay treatments and the like. 

3. Fykiada Energy Healing Yoga Retreat - Mykonos, Greece

Discover the mindful side of Mykonos at this island Energy Healing Yoga Retreat. Learn how to cleanse, reground and realign your energy through a myriad of methods including Qigong, yoga, meditation and breathwork. Set in a prime location, a ten minute walk to the beach and 15 minute ride into town, you will have the freedom and flexibility to wander in between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual releases.

4. SHA Wellness - Alicante, Spain

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this scenic destination offers both broad world-class treatments and targeted niche programming, like sleep, anti-smoking, and cognition-focused plans. There is a spectrum of healthy eating menus (The SHA, Biolight, and Kushi) that range from consciously indulgent to heavy-duty detoxifying, all completely adaptable based on your preferences.

5. We Care Spa - Palm Springs, California

Disconnect and detox in the desert at We Care Spa, a rejuvenating healing destination known for its mind-, belly-, and soul-cleansing stays. The liquid soup and juice fasts paired with regular digestive release massages will leave you feeling lighter and brighter from the inside out. Here, you’ll find mesmerising healing installations placed around the property, in addition to the regular program orientation to experience at your leisure. If you're looking for more support and accountability to consciously cleanse, this escape is for you.

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