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Destressing Your Body and Mind
We all experience stress; from work to family life, the tasks and tensions of life can build overtime. Of course it’s normal to experience some stress, but too much of anything is never good, and there’s research showing that too much stress can affect not only your mental health but also your physical health.
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Five Scenic UK Spots for a Walk in the Park
Nothing is more relaxing than taking a sunny walk in the park.. With the promise of warmer weather on the horizon, taking a walk is the perfect way to disconnect from the daily stresses of the world and get in touch with nature. Whether you want a nice relaxing stroll or a more intense hike, here are five beautiful places in the UK to take a walk in the park. 
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Health Benefits of the Clocks Going Forward
With emerging evidence showing that we are chronically lacking in vitamin D, absorbed through the skin from exposure to the sun, it’s clear that we need the sun now more than ever. During the winter months, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are not strong enough to be absorbed, and our bodies can only store this “sunshine” vitamin for a couple months at a time. So, by this time of the year, we desperately need that nourishing sunshine. 
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Finding your happiness
With the days getting longer and the sun beginning to peak out of those dreary winter clouds comes the desire to feel and live our best life. Though we can’t always control external factors that may hinder our happiness, we are fully in control of how we find happiness from within. Keep reading for our top ten ways to find it.
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Taking care of you

We live in a hectic world and with that comes the tendency to forget about the most important thing - taking care of ourselves. Whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual, ensuring we are giving our bodies and minds love and care is the first step to improving our quality of life.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some simple tips for beginning your wellness journey. 

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