Five Scenic UK Spots for a Walk in the Park

Five Scenic UK Spots for a Walk in the Park

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a sunny walk in the park. With the promise of warmer weather on the horizon, taking a walk is the perfect way to disconnect from the daily stresses of the world and get in touch with nature. Whether you want a nice relaxing stroll or a more intense hike, here are five beautiful places in the UK to take a walk in the park. 

1. Hadrian’s Wall Path National Park - England

Hadrian’s Wall, located near the border of England and Scotland, is just as rich with history as beauty. Definitely one to visit, especially if you’re a history lover, learn all about the old defence fortification whilst appreciating the incredible views.  

2. Lizard Peninsula Coast - England

If you love to feel the ocean breeze on your face during a walk, the Lizard Peninsula Coast sounds like just the place for you. Situated on the southerly coast of mainland Britain, the Lizard Peninsula boasts breathtaking cliffside views and wildlife to enjoy.  

3. Yorkshire Dales National Park  - England

Dating back to 1954, the Yorkshire Dales is known for its marvellous scenery along with beautiful natural attractions such as Malham Cove and Aysgarth Falls. Spreading across deep valleys (known as dales), meadows, and rivers in Yorkshire, there’s plenty to explore in this picturesque park.  

4. Snowdonia National Park - Wales

Home to the tallest mountain peak in Wales, the diverse landscape of Snowdonia National Park offers nine mountain ranges, gushing waterfalls, sandy beaches, and vibrant green valleys. From scaling a mountain to having a cosy picnic, there’s something to do for everyone. 

 5. Cairngorms National Park - Scotland

The largest national park in the UK, Cairngorms National Park is located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Stunning scenery extending from mountain ranges and hillsides to sparkling rivers fill this national park, showing that sometimes bigger is better. 

What are the benefits to taking walks?

Taking walks is a simple, free, and easy way to be more active,  maintain a healthy weight, and strengthen your body and mind. Making it a habit to take a walk for just an hour everyday has the potential to yield massive health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes and increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness. 

Improved sleep is also associated with walking - one hour of brisk walking is around three miles or 7,000 steps and burns roughly 210 - 360 calories depending on your height and weight, so you're bound to be tired and ready for a nice sleep at night. There’s also research showing that taking walks reduces stress and enhances mood - probably even more so when surrounded by the stunning views of nature. 

Spectacular sights are scattered throughout so many lovely parks in the UK, so remember to take advantage of visiting these sublime spots, get your steps in, and bask in the breathtaking scenes that nature has to offer.  

Here's a playlist curated by us to get you on started on your walk!

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