Staying Healthy on Holiday

Staying Healthy on Holiday

With summer finally here, you may be getting ready to jet off on a much needed holiday. Although vacation is all about enjoying yourself, being healthy is a lifestyle - and there’s ways to treat yourself while also staying healthy. Keep reading for our top tips… 

Keep Moving

Taking a stroll across the beach helps to get your daily steps in - morning beach walks are the perfect way to keep moving and work off that all-inclusive breakfast! Or how about  exploring a museum, a spot of retail therapy or an adventurous hike? If you want even more of a workout, see if where you’re staying has a gym you can use or do a mini 30 min workout routine in your room - or even better: on the beach!

Maintain Healthy Eating 

Okay, so let’s start by saying you’re on holiday - so of course treat yourself! But try to not overeat - listen to your body and stop when full. Be sure to also be opting for healthy options too; the breakfast fruit selection on holidays are always to die for - and smoothies by the pool are not only delicious, but also get in your 5 a day! Maybe peruse the local market and buy some produce to cook if you’re not staying all inclusive. Remember - it’s all about moderation!


Dehydration is common - especially when flying or travelling to a place with a warm climate. Be sure you are drinking enough water daily, keep a  water bottle in your beach bag and refill it throughout the day. 

We hope these tips help you stay healthy even when taking a vacation - remember: it’s a lifestyle! Enjoy yourself while also staying true to your goals. Have a wonderful holiday!

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