Mercury in Retrograde: What it Means for Our Bodies

Mercury in Retrograde: What it Means for Our Bodies

If you’re feeling a bit out of sorts lately and unsure why, it may be because Mercury is now in retrograde starting May 10 and lasting until June 3. 

So what does it mean? …

From how you communicate to what you eat - Mercury in retrograde can affect all facets of life, but don’t worry once you know how you’ll be affected, you’ll be able to more easily navigate this period.  

What actually is Mercury in retrograde? 

Mercury in retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon where the normally fast-moving planet Mercury moves slower than Earth creating the illusion that Mercury is moving backwards.  

What does it mean for our minds? 

During this time you may feel an excess or lack of energy more than usual. Because you may feel either drained of your usual enthusiasm or more scattered-brained, restless, and anxious, it’s important to channel your energy into exercise, creative endeavours, and people you love. 

What does it mean for our bodies? 

All this stress and upheaval in your mind has the potential to take a toll on your body as well -  and the skin is one of the first places it will show. You may feel you lack that usual glow or notice a new pesky spot, so make sure you’re practising self care! 

The extra stress may also play a role in our diets making us reach for those comfort foods, so try to avoid too much sugar, caffeine, and alcohol that can increase your already anxious state. Instead, fill up on whole grains, veggies, fruits, and proteins to keep you full, satisfied and healthy! 

We may be entering a period of more uncertainty, but if you make an effort to stick to a routine, be mindful of how you feel, and devote your energy to people and hobbies you enjoy, you’ll be fine! 

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