Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks for Spring

Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks for Spring

With the sun staying out for longer and summer around the corner, you may be ready to bask in the outdoors with friends and yummy drinks. A nice cocktail is a perfect pairing with rooftop terraces, garden parties, and beach trips. Don’t want to mess up your healthy diet? Here are some alcoholic drinks you can sip on to have fun and stay healthy. 

1. Vodka Soda (96 calories per drink)

A classic, a vodka soda is one of the best options for staying healthy while drinking.  With soda being just carbonated water - which contains zero calories - it’s only the vodka that has the calories. Give it a little zesty twist with a squeeze of lime if you’re feeling like spicing it up!

2. Bloody Mary (125 calories per drink)

Ditch those sugary brunch mimosas and opt for this drink mixed with tomato juice with less sugar and the added benefit of vitamin C, A and potassium. Not feeling like drinking alcohol? Order a virgin bloody mary - just as delicious and only 29 calories!

3. Gin and Slimline Tonic (115 calories per drink)

Opt for this appetising, classic, and sugar-free drink for a healthier version of a gin and tonic. With a fraction of the calories, the slimline tonic offers a healthy alternative without sacrificing taste. 

4. Dry Wine (84 calories per drink)

Though sweet wines can be very high in sugar, a dry wine contains less than one gram of sugar per ounce. During the fermentation process, most of the sugar from the grapes has been converted to alcohol; however, it still contains calories that vary depending on the wine. Red or white, stay away from the sweet and sugary wines and stick to dry ones for a lower calorie alternative. 

5. Mojito (168 calories per drink)

Perfect for those rum drinkers craving a cocktail but wanting to avoid a mass amount of sugar, this Cuban drink is a wonderful substitute complete with fresh mint and lime. If you want an even healthier version, ask the bartender to go easy or leave out the sugar syrup! 

6. Paloma (166 calories per drink)

This pretty and pink tequila-based drink makes an ideal spring cocktail. Concocted with grapefruit and lime juice, it’s basically a healthier margarita. So what are you waiting for? Grab the girls, find a rooftop terrace, put on your cutest spring outfit and order this refreshing drink for a fun night out!

As you can see, cutting alcohol completely out of your diet isn’t the only way to stay on track. The key is moderation and finding those healthy substitutes with less sugar and calories! So crack open a bottle of whatever drink takes your fancy and cheers to your health and making more amazing memories this spring. 

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