5 Ways to be Healthy & Still Eat the Food You Love!

5 Ways to be Healthy & Still Eat the Food You Love!

So you want to be healthy, but you don’t want to live on a diet of lettuce and spinach. You can be healthy while also eating the foods you love - it’s key that you still enjoy mealtimes and make being healthier a lifestyle - not just a fad diet. Here are our five tips to staying healthy while continuing to eat the foods you love…

1. Control your portion size

Portion size is key when eating foods we love; everything is about moderation. One top tip to try is drinking a large glass of water thirty minutes before any meal to naturally aid portion control. A lot of the time when people think they feel hungry they are actually dehydrated and need liquids - being well hydrated is key.

2. STOP eating out of boredom, eat when you’re hungry!

We are all guilty of this, especially if bingeing a Netflix series or at an all inclusive resort somewhere sunny with food & drinks on tap. Eating out of boredom is common, but there are ways to stop yourself. Practising self-control and understanding your hunger signs are a great place to start - as you reach for the biscuits ask yourself: ‘Am I actually hungry? Do I need these?’ If no, put it back.

3. Move more 

Even if you’re not a gym kind of person, moving more is the perfect way to find a healthy balanced lifestyle - this could be as small as walking at least once a day. Any form of movement burns calories and to have a healthier lifestyle, especially if your aim is to lose weight, means you need to be at a calorie deficit (eating/drinking fewer calories than you burn).

4. Savour the sweet treats

It’s absolutely fine to treat yourself, but savour the moments. Take your time when eating, enjoy the flavours - and save some for later if you can! You will be so much more satisfied while still curbing your craving without cutting it off completely. 

5. Use smaller size plates 

Picking a smaller plate will not only give the impression of a larger portion size to your mind, but will actually help stop you from overeating. Using large plates often results in filling them up with more food than necessary, which can lead to an out of control portion size. So with smaller plates, fill them up and know you are still eating a smaller amount.

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