BIGGEST 2022 Summer Hairstyle Trends

BIGGEST 2022 Summer Hairstyle Trends

Feeling like you need a change lately? What better way to spice up your looks than a fresh new cut? With summer now here you may be wondering what the 2022 trends are….well look no further - we got you covered! 

1. Heartthrob Bob

This style encapsulates the perfect Summer bob. As a choppy, layered bob featuring close-cropped layers at the nape of the neck and then longer, cheekbone-sweeping pieces in the front, this style has continued to take off. Getting the hair up and off the neck can feel so refreshing as well as looking super chic!

2. Collarbone Lob

For a more relaxed crop, look no further than a collarbone-grazing lob. The longer silhouette proves that losing a few inches can go a long way for a sleek new look. It may seem counterintuitive to opt for a longer bob as the weather gets warmer, but it actually offers more styling options if you want to tie it up and off your face, so it's a smart and chic choice. 

3. Overgrown Fringe

The winter trend of curtain bangs are making way for longer, grown out fringes that blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair. An overgrown fringe like this is more practical with many options on ways to style. You can also tuck it behind the ears or pin it back without too much hassle. You can even tie your hair up and leave out the fringe to give an instant softness. 

4. The Soft Shag

The shag shape sees layers feathered at the crown and sides of the hair to boost volume on top, but softer nods to the cut are a cool way to add attitude without going overboard. The trick is to ensure bottom layers keep their body and aren't thinned out too much. Plus intentional layers can bring out beautiful hair texture by lopping away some weight.

5. The Modern Rachel 

We are always being inspired from the past, and Rachel Green's heavily layered chop is giving us major inspo for 2022. The cut works best on shoulder-length hair with lots of long layers and alongside giving body, the layers surround the face in a heart shape, framing it perfectly.


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