7 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

7 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

You may think you have your skincare routine all figured out - but did you know that there’s more to skincare than the products you put on your face? Your skin is such a delicate part of your body that you must make sure you’re treating it with the care it needs. Ensure you’ve got that beautiful glow by avoiding these common skincare mistakes. 

1. Over Exfoliation

The increase in popularity of scrubs, cleansing brushes, and toners has contributed to us all over exfoliating way too much. In doing so, you can damage your skin's moisture barrier which in turn results in inflammation, acne, irritation, and sensitivity. 

2. Not Wearing SPF

This is non-negotiable for skincare health - sunscreen is so important! Even if you skip your skincare one day, make sure you still put on SPF. It’s the best protection from skin cancer and one of the easiest and effective anti-ageing products you can use! 

3. Not Washing your Makeup Brushes

Make sure you’re hand washing your makeup brushes with antibacterial soap in lukewarm water at least once a week to avoid them becoming a home for bacteria. By doing so, you will keep your skin free from any breakouts as well as improve the application of your makeup!

4. Having a High Sugar Diet

Skincare often starts from within, and if you have a diet high in unhealthy foods and sugar, it may reflect on your skin. Replace foods high in sugar with nourishing and natural foods such as avocados and nuts to get that healthy glow from within.

5. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Another one that seems unrelated - sleep is so important to looking and feeling refreshed. A lack of sleep can result in sullen looking skin and puffy eyes as you are disrupting your body’s natural processes. Ensure you get 7-9 hours of sleep a night to avoid this and any pesky spots!

6. Not Washing Your Pillowcase Often Enough

Make sure that there's not any dirt and buildup transferring to your face while you sleep by washing your pillowcase at least once a week. You should be cleaning everything that touches your face weekly including makeup brushes, beauty blender, phones, and pillowcases!

7. Constantly Touching Your Face

It can be really difficult - especially if you don’t realise it - but don’t touch your face! You’re not only transferring all the germs and dirt that you’ve touched throughout the day onto your face but also irritating your skin even more. It’s so important to make a conscious effort to not touch your face. 

It’s easy to make skincare mistakes without realising it - but just remember everything is related. To have healthy skin, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. That glow starts from within! 

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