Health Benefits of Tea

Health Benefits of Tea

Put the kettle on! It's National Tea Day! 

Whether to get your day started or to relax after a hard day's work, a cup of tea is a perfect and easy beverage to stir up. Piping hot, comforting, and delicious, a nice cuppa may be even more advantageous than you think. 


Tea contains antioxidants which are compounds that help reduce the risk of some chronic diseases and increase overall health. 

Heart Health 

A type of antioxidant called flavonoids are also present in tea and known to benefit the heart. Consuming them regularly has been linked with lowering the risk factors of heart disease including blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity. 

Reduced Cancer Risk 

The antioxidants in tea have also been shown to reduce cancer cell survival. There have also been studies that show that black and green tea may assist in regulating cancer cell growth and reducing the chances of new cancer cell growth.  

Healthy gut 

Polyphenols are another antioxidant found in black tea that may promote gut health by supporting the growth of good bacteria in the gut and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Boosts Immune System 

Studies have also shown that tea can help the immune system after injuries or illnesses with its antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and antifungal properties. So if you’re feeling a bit run down, a cup of tea may be just what you need.   

Prevents Diabetes 

Tea is also an unsweetened and low calorie drink that has been linked to enhancing the performance of insulin in the body, lowering blood sugar, and, thereby, lowering the risk of diabetes.  

Did you even need more reasons to enjoy a relaxing and scrumptious cup of tea? Arguably the perfect drink and with its relaxing qualities, it seems a cup of tea makes everything better - even your health!

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